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Yerba Mate, Testing y más – Guardian of Lore Updates Feb 20

¿Fue idea nuestra o enero duró al menos 75 días? Junto con estas últimas semanas de febrero, fue un tiempo lleno de actividades en la sede de Round2Games. Mientras Twitter estaba lleno de memes sobre el mes más largo de la historia, nosotros estábamos encerrados en nuestras oficinas (¿dónde más podríamos estar?), divirtiéndonos con Sayri… Sigue leyendo Yerba Mate, Testing y más – Guardian of Lore Updates Feb 20


Making up for lost time.

Improvements first. I decided to remake the art on Guardian of Lore. The game will have a much stronger appealing starting with the Library level that not long ago I redesigned completely to make it more interesting for the player to explore it, as I told about it at some of the last posts: Not… Sigue leyendo Making up for lost time.


Tutorial boss reloaded…

WHY?!?! Not long ago, after play testing the first boss and the tutorial itself I realized it was just not interesting enough. I know... I know... spending SO much time on the tutorial seems so boring and pointless... But that's the thing... it doesn't have to be... I don't intend it to make it like… Sigue leyendo Tutorial boss reloaded…


The creative process behind G.O.L.

Is anyone else getting tired of having zombies everywhere? How about Pegasus, Vamps or everything else... even if you are not tired of this, you must recognize that they stopped being original a long while ago. Nordic mythology has starred the video game and film industry since the beginning of times. And I'm not saying… Sigue leyendo The creative process behind G.O.L.


Welocome to the beginning of our journey…

Hi Everyone, This is my first blog post EVER. Yep, despite being a Tech Junkie even when blogs where the shit, they never called my atention. So you must be wondering... WHY!?!?!?!?! The answer is very simple. We are making a videogame. The whole team is very experienced, but, this will be our biggest, most… Sigue leyendo Welocome to the beginning of our journey…