So many advances to show and tell

Hi everyone,

I know it’s been a long time since I post anything, I’ve been having trouble balancing Design, Art Directing, Coding and life in general. So It’s been almost three months since my last post. I have a lot of new things to show you so let’s get to it.

Art Evolving

As I told you in my last post:

Making up for lost time.

I decided to completely change the way Guardian of Lore will look. So the first order of business was to hire a new extremely talented illustrator. This is the result of the Mystic library:


The player is still a work in progress but needless to say the changes that Sayri is going through mayor changes to get him from this:

Concept PJ1

To this:


And eventually turning him into 3D. We are currently in this stage with another great artist adding up work to the project. This is the first preview of the final character model:

44594461_2535186303163900_8477319454282219520_n (1)

Some spell effects improvements

Another thing I’ve been working a lot in is spells and how they should look. For this first stage, the game will have two different spells. You can read more about them in this post where I explain level advancement and the options the spell system will give you as a Player:

Rain fire upon your enemies!!

Right now we are also working on the Animal Spirit spell which will allow you to summon a Yaguarete and eventually replace it for a hawk allowing you not only to take on tougher enemies but also to reach new places, get more loot, new items, more levels, and so on…

Spells are also sometimes the only way to find secret places and destroy some objects in your way


Enemies AI

I’ve been working on having more enemies in the game to make fights as interesting as possible. And so, I’m creating some AIs in order to achieve this as well as creating more enemies and challenges.

The evil army of knights now have animations to take on you. And the brains to do it. They also hit hard and are not easy to kill.


But don’t worry, they are not invincible


I’m currently working a lot on a Boss AI to have it ready for when it’s art and animation are finished and add it to the Demo Level. And of course I will be showing it as soon as there is something to show.


I know what you are thinking… no one likes tutorials. Even we developers hate to make it. But when a game has so many RPG elements it’s harder for the player to enjoy it without knowing how the Inventory works, what’s the damage system like, how to level up Spells and how to cast them.

So we’ve design a lot of tutorials that we are trying to shorten them and locate them in the appropriate sections of the game, so you won’t feel like this is a reading challenge. Here is a sneak peak of the Damage System tutorial and the Icon Glossary of the damage types and reactions:

DamageSystemTutorial 1DamageSystemTutorial 2DamageSystemTutorial 3Glosary

Some other improvements

Finally, We’ve made a lot of other improvements that are not that interesting to show like

  • Performance issues.
  • Animation corrections
  • Final touches on menus.
  • Final touches on the level up system for the spells.
  • Final touches on the buy and sell items menu.

All the work done is to provide with the best experience possible. So we hope you keep following us and stay tuned to more updates and the eventual release of the Beta stage.


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