Who doesn’t love a game with choices?

Choices, Choices, Choices, Choices, Choices, Choices…

In the first post ever made on Guardian of Lore I explained how the choices you make in each level, shape the story the level was based on. You can read it here:

The creative process behind G.O.L.

A small summary:

If in the story the level is based on, there is a character, and it’s been captured by the army of undead knights, you can choose to save him to live the original story, or you can leave him to his fate, changing the story. So if in the story the character was supposed to save someone, you’ll have to save him or her… or maybe just let them be killed… 

In each level are many possible outcomes or stories you can play on. There will always be pieces of the level that you won’t be able to play unless you replay the level and make things different.

But that’s not it. Your choices won’t just shape each level. It’ll also shape the way your character progress. And that’s what we’ve been working on this week.

Spell system

We’ve design a very complex, and yet simple to use, spell system.

You start the game with an always popular, always awesome Fireball Spell and In each level you’ll unlock a special spell, all are there for you to shape and improve. We draw each level as a tree, so when you level UP the spell you have to unlock and chose which branch you go to…


The fruits in the center are always there for you, but the sides are a one way only path. If you pick the left or right fruit the opposite gets locked for good. In this image we see the player picking go from this fireball:


To reshape the spell to get a two sides Fireball:


(This is not the final art of the game, as we have a long road ahead of us. So stick to the end to see a more polished version in the future.)

The main point is that not only you’ll shape each short story in each level, you’ll also shape your character as you’ll have 10 spells that can take many forms each. So if you like games where choices matter, don’t miss our progress through this amazing journey we are taking.

If you like, we would love to hear your opinions here or you can write us on Facebook.

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